Intravenous nutritional therapy has been around in the US since the 70’s, it involves the use of natural vitamins and minerals administered via the vein. The role of these important nutrients are well known, more commonly, they are used by the general public in the form of tablets, pills and less commonly as topical agents. The availability of these forms of preparation to the cells that need them to carry out the desired function may be reduced by the digestive process, non compliance with administration, ill health etc. Intravenous nutrition therapy bypasses these obstacles by delivering the nutrient ‘directly’ into the cells. As these nutrients are natural to the body, the rate of adverse reaction to their administration has been known to  be quite low. The indication for the use of intravenous therapy are varied, we aim to be able to meet your needs with our services.

Our intravenous nutrition services include:

Fat burn, Age defiance, Immune boost, Skin lightening, Athlete/sport, Performance boost solutions and more. We offer personalized, up-to-date  and dedicated solutions following individualized consultation. We can bring these services to you at your convenience.

The process involves a  one on one consultation with our medical practitioner where a medical history of the client will be examined, information about allergies will also be obtained, where required, further medical examination and blood test may need to be obtained from client’s GP.

The individual need for treatment will be discussed and therapy would typically be weekly for 4-6 weeks and a periodic therapy may be needed to maintain desired effects.

Therapy sessions usually last for about an hour, this includes the actual administration of the intravenous nutrient and a period of observation following treatment.

Contact us for your consultation and begin your unique journey with us to wholesome wellness.

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